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Charnwood College

Charnwood College broadens the horizons of all students through high academic standards and unrivalled enrichment opportunities. Developing respectful, confident, articulate and motivated students.

Parent Information

At Charnwood College we believe that a strong partnership with parents is extremely important.

Parents and carers can expect certain standards from the academy, and in return we can ask that parents and carers support us with key policies.

For up-to-date information download or visit MyChildAtSchool, so we can send you our latest news, absence alerts and invitations.

Parents and carers can expect the academy to:

  • Provide an effective learning environment for all students

  • Give structured pastoral support to students throughout their time at the academy

  • Enable students to broaden their horizons through the provision of excellent opportunities

  • Respond promptly to expression of concern or complaints

The academy can expect parents and carers to:

  • Support their child’s needs to learn by creating the right environment at home for enquiry and discovery

  • Enable their child to achieve full attendance

  • Encourage their children to promote academy values, such as caring for each other and wearing the uniform correctly


Our Safeguarding team

Safeguarding information


  • All visitors have a legal responsibility to care for the Health and Safety of themselves and others
  • Please ensure that you have signed in and are fully aware of the College process regarding contractors working on campus
  • FIRE ALARMPulsing – standby; Continuous ringing – please exit the building by the safest route and report to a member of College staff at the Sports Centre
  • Please ensure you wear your ID badge/arm band, provided by the College, at all times whilst on campus
  • Please only use toilets dedicated to staff
  • No photography or use of personal mobile phones at any time



  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children has a role to play in safeguarding.
  • Safeguarding is protecting children from maltreatment and harm both physically and emotionally.
  • Children include everyone under the age of 18.
  • Any adult visiting or temporarily working in Charnwood College is required to report any safeguarding concerns. Any concerns should be referred in writing, signed, dated and include a telephone number and handed to a member of staff.  This information will then be passed to the Designated Lead for Safeguarding, who will follow up and make contact.  In any such instance, the referrer is requested not to speak about the matter with anyone else.




Fire Alarm – pulsing bell stop work and prepare to evacuate

Evacuation – if the bell sounds continuously exit the building by the safest route and assemble on the playing fields next to the Sports Centre

Return to the building – only when instructed to do so by the designated fire marshall

Discovering a fire – break the glass at the nearest point and leave the building by the nearest fire exit


Asbestos is present within certain areas of the College.

The David Ross Education Trust has undertaken an identification and assessment survey and a full report is available at Sports Hub Reception.

Please view the report to see if the area you are working in has asbestos, and sign the log to say you have understood the information provided.

If at any time contractors believe they have come in contact with, or disturbed asbestos, work must stop immediately and be reported to the Estates Manager.

Lock and seal off the area do not attempt to clear up.


In the event of an accident please contact the Main Reception for first aid assistance.


  • Please sign in and out at Sports Hub Reception
  • Please wear identification - you will be provided with an ID badge
  • Good housekeeping must be established and maintained
  • Contractors must dress appropriately whilst on site and should not engage in conversation with students.  Any student causing a nuisance must be reported to the Estates Manager.
  • No alcohol or other substance causing intoxication is allowed onto the campus.  Any person found on site under the influence of any substance will be removed from site.
  • Please ensure that all works are carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with relevant legislation.
  • Contractors to be responsible for their personal security and the security of their own tools and equipment whilst on site.
  • Vehicles are to be parked responsibly and speed restrictions observed.
  • Seek guidance from the Estates team on working procedures in specialist areas i.e. swimming pool, plant room.


Local Safeguarding Authority


Leadership level

Contact details

First Response


0116 3050005

Simon Gender

Designated officer

0116 3057750

Ann Prideaux

Designated officer

0116 3057317

Mark Goddard


0116 3057597

Karen Browne


0116 3057597





CSE Consultation line

0116 3059521


CAMHs Advisory Service

0116 2955048 8.30 to 3

0116 3055100


United Against Violence and Abuse Helpline

0808 8020028


UAVA Professionals Advice and Referral

0116 2550004

Local children’s social care provision



Contact details

Social Care Services


01509 266641

Police Liaison



Contact details


Police Child Abuse Inv Unit



Leicestershire Police non emergency

01162 222222


PCSOs PC Pete Stacey and PC Liam Bourne



Counter terrorism



FGM referrals

0116 305 0005







External agencies working with the academy to promote pupils’ welfare and development



Contact details



0116 2955048

School Nurse


Parent CHAT



Summer Pack - Year 7 moving to Year 8

summer pack year 7 moving to year 8.pdf

Summer Pack - Year 8 moving to Year 9

summer pack year 8 moving to year 9.pdf

Summer Pack - Year 9 moving to Year 10 Foundation

year 9 into year 10 summer pack foundation.pdf

Summer Pack - Year 9 moving to Year 10 Higher

year 9 into year 10 summer pack higher.pdf

Summer Pack - Year 10 moving to Year 11 Foundation

year 10 into year 11 summer pack foundation.pdf

Summer Pack - Year 10 moving to Year 11 Higher

year 10 into year 11 summer pack higher.pdf

Key information

Our performance against other schools can be found via the Department for Education’s School Performance Table.




Ofsted & Parent View

Our latest Ofsted report can be found here.
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