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Charnwood College

Charnwood College broadens the horizons of all students through high academic standards and unrivalled enrichment opportunities. Developing respectful, confident, articulate and motivated students.


Charnwood College students enjoy an excellent choice of extra-curricular activities to enrich their learning experience and help them develop a wide range of talents and interests.


Lunch - Table Tennis/Gym Fitness
After School - Charnwood College Riders Basketball Club


Lunch - Tennis/Boccia
After School - Swimming/Netball/Athletics


Lunch - Tennis/Rowing
After School - Rounders/Cricket


Lunch - Tennis/Cricket
After School - Netball/Athletics


Lunch - Tennis/Gym Fitness/Trampolining
After School - Badminton/Charnwood College Riders Basketball Club

Extracurricular Club Timetable