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Charnwood College

Charnwood College broadens the horizons of all students through high academic standards and unrivalled enrichment opportunities. Developing respectful, confident, articulate and motivated students.


We are pleased to be opening a consultation on the next phase in our school development. The following pages share with you the investments we have made to the school over the last few years, the current proposal to dispose of our disused buildings and details of how we intend to develop the school further. We welcome feedback from our local community and we share how to do this on the later pages.


Investment so far


Next phase of redevelopment




Q - Are any playing fields included in the possible disposal?

No. Sport is a hugely important part of life at Charnwood College and something we pride ourselves on. We are not selling any of the school playing fields, just the building to the front of the plot and the small hard courts standing area within that footprint. We will retain all playing field space and the new netball and tennis courts to the rear.

Q - How will the sale benefit local pupils?

All proceeds of the sale will be reinvested back into the school. We have outlined plans for the next stage of our school’s redevelopment and growth which we hope to fund through the proposed sale. These can be seen in reception and on these pages, including modern dedicated science and IT classrooms. These draft plans will be subject to both DfE and planning consent.
We are focussed on improving the facilities and learning environment for our current and future pupils, with space and facilities for at least another 400 pupils that can be accommodated beyond current numbers.

Q - Will there be enough school spaces when the Garendon housing development is built?

We have worked closely with the local School Planning team before creating the current proposals. Charnwood College has already increased the number of pupils taken in each year group. The proposals to continue to refurbish the school will ensure that there is enough capacity in the school to meet the future needs of the local area. Currently we have just over 500 pupils attending our school and our plans will mean we are able to increase this to over 900.
In addition, the new Garendon housing development already has a primary provision within the development.

Q - If houses are put on the land, what will that mean for Charnwood College?

We have already worked with the local School Planning team and know that with our planned improvements and capacity across other local secondary schools there will be space for the anticipated growth in students. Currently we have just over 500 pupils attending our school and our plans will mean we are able to increase this to over 900.

Q - Should this building be used to support SEND provision in the local area?

We have a demonstrated history of working closely with the local council to improve and increase the SEND provision in the local area. In recent years both Ashmount and Maplewell have moved onto the Charnwood campus. We will continue to work closely with the local authority as needs arise.