Charnwood College
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We strive for excellence in everything we do and are dedicated to helping our students achieve the highest standards possible - in their work and in their behaviour.

Our students’ exam results continue to improve, with many going on to university and excelling in their chosen field.


All students have the option of studying English Baccalaureate subjects. We offer a great deal of choice in our curriculum, including the opportunity for sixth form students to study for the highly esteemed AQA Baccalaureate qualification, which gives potential employers and universities an overall picture of students’ academic, research and community- based skills.


As well as our wide variety of courses for students to choose from, we have a lively extra-curricular programme of activities to encourage them to develop into independent, well-rounded individuals and fulfilled, responsible citizens.


We work closely with parents to ensure all students are supported to reach their potential and achieve national targets through class work, assessment, group work – and extra one-to-one support as required.


Classrooms have computers, projector facilities and visualisers so students can share their work and examples of best practice with their classmates.


We run lunch-time and after-school revision classes to help all students achieve to their highest potential.


We aim to equip students with a range of skills so they can become informed citizens of the future and lifelong learners.