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We believe that wearing the academy uniform creates an identity and ensures all students know they belong to our community, it also ensures a smart and consistent appearance for visitors. All students from Year 7 to 11 are expected to wear their uniform correctly and with pride whilst on Academy premises and also on the journey to and from the Academy.  


Uniform Code

For a visual guide to Charnwood College's uniform, see the document on the left-hand side of this page. 

All students Years 7 to 11 must wear a house tie, blazer and outdoor jacket that shows the academy logo.  

These items can only be purchased through the official academy supplier who can be contacted by either ordering on -line at or calling telephone number : 0115 9652869 

  • Students must wear a white school shirt with a collar.  Shirts must be plain, not fitted, with no patterns, logos or embroidery. 
  • Black skirt/trousers.  (Plain with no patterns and skirt to be of the correct length) 
  • House/All Star tie with four complete striples visible. 
  • Black or white socks/tights (Plain) 
  • Black smart polished shoes. (No trainers or sandals.)  Heels must be a sensible height, i.e. not dangerous on stairs.  Shoes must cover the whole foot (no pumps or fashion shoes due to health and safety in Science and Design Technology rooms). 
  • PE kit: Black academy polo top with house colours, black plain shorts or tracksuit bottoms, black/white socks, trainers, football boots (optional).  
  • All students must have a school bag with them at all times. 
  • Hats, caps, hoods and hooded tops are not allowed to be worn inside the building.  
  • No piercings other than a small pair of gold/silver stud earrings.
  • Wrist watch is permitted.
  • No unatural hair colour or extreme hairstyles.
  • No nail polish, acrylic nails or excessive make up. 
  • Sixth form students are not required to wear uniform, but are expected to wear clothing that is suitable for the academy environment. For more information on what sixth form students can wear please contact Mr G Heffernan - Head of Sixth Form.