Students at Loughborough's Charnwood College visit National Holocaust Memorial Centre

Year 11 students at Loughborough’s Charnwood College, part of the David Ross Education Trust, recently visited the National Holocaust Memorial Centre in Newark, where they explored the causes and complexities of the harrowing event.


As part of the visit, students engaged with a sensitive learning programme, where they considered whether or not belief in God can exist after the coordinated attack on Jewish communities in parts of Europe during World War II.


The group visited the Holocaust exhibition, explored the memorial gardens and participated in a workshop, where they discussed challenging issues of faith and human nature in relation to the atrocity. 


The Charnwood College students also had the opportunity to meet Bernard Grunberg, a World War II survivor, who recalled his harrowing experiences of growing up in Nazi Germany. At 15 years old, Mr Grunberg was placed on a Kindertransport, an organised rescue effort that took place during the nine months prior to the outbreak of the Second World War. 


Kaspers Noviks, a Year 11 student at Charnwood College, said: “Meeting Bernard was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget.


“He was very passionate and emotional about what life was like during that time, and I was left speechless after hearing about his experiences.”


Dan Neal, Principal at Charnwood College, said: “This visit has given students an insight into one of the most tragic events that has taken place in world history.


“Visits like this allow our students to understand how past events have shaped the world in which we live in and help them to learn about the importance of tolerance, peace and respect within our communities.”