Students from Loughborough's Charnwood College experience the wonders of Berlin

Over the February half-term, Loughborough’s Charnwood College, part of the David Ross Education Trust, gave its students an opportunity to visit Berlin and experience the incredible city first hand.


Twenty students in Years 12 and 13 travelled to the German capital for five days, visiting world renowned landmarks such as the Reichstag building, the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Victory Column and the iconic and somewhat infamous Berlin Wall, as well as the Berlin TV Tower, the BMW Motorrad factory and an outlet for the Ritter Sport Chocolate brand.


As well as highlighting the city's significant historical and political importance, the trip also provided insight into the way businesses operate on a global scale, with a tour around the motorcycle factory guiding students through the operation of a production line, followed by a visit to the chocolate factory, which enlightened the importance of global links for business.


The experience was hugely beneficial to all students, from those studying business and economics to those interested in geography and history.


Lorraine Wright, Deputy Head Girl at Charnwood College, said: “The trip was a brilliant opportunity, supporting both my learning and my global knowledge, and I am very grateful for the chance to travel to such an interesting and important city.”




The trip to Berlin is just another example of how Charnwood College can offer outstanding opportunities to its students, helping them to take more away from their education. Supported by the David Ross Education Trust, the academy runs a plethora of sports and arts programmes, participates in international and national competitions - both sporting and academic - and offers students life changing opportunities to take part in projects in St. Vincent and Canada.


Alastair O’Connor, Vice Principal of Charnwood College, said: "Visits like this help to enhance our students’ education and we are passionate about providing as many opportunities as possible, be that in music, sport or in the academic subjects our students decide to pursue."


Joel Dungworth, Year 12 Head Boy, is one such student who has benefitted from the events ran by the school and the Trust. Joel said: “In Year 10 I was lucky enough to be selected for the St. Vincent ecology trip, and since then I have also participated in the music masterclass at Uppingham School along with several sporting events and training sessions led by Olympic athletes. I have been supported through my studies so that I can maintain my running and interests in writing and music without hindering my academic progress.”