Student at Loughborough's Charnwood College headed for university in Italy

A student from Loughborough’s Charnwood College, part of the David Ross Education Trust, has been offered a place at the University of Turin in Italy. 


Year 13 student, Tom Herbert, received an offer from the prestigious University to study computer science after taking a year to teach himself Italian and passing the entrance exam. Since completing his GCSE’s, Tom has developed a passion for computing and technology and he has decided to pursue this by taking A levels in maths, physics and computing at Charnwood College.   


Tom commented: “I chose the University of Turin because it is one of the best universities in Italy for computer science. The support that I have received from Charnwood College to get to this point has been immense and they’ve encouraged my decision to study in Italy.”


Tom hopes that his degree will provide a pathway into programming, preferably at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. 




As a part of the David Ross Education Trust, Charnwood College is committed to providing a high standard of education, whilst enriching students’ learning with a vast array of outstanding opportunities ranging from residential trips to meeting elite athletes.


Alastair O’Connor, Principal at Charnwood College, added: “Students at Charnwood College are securing places at fantastic higher education destinations every year from undergraduate degrees at Oxbridge to Sports Scholarships in the United States. 


"Tom’s drive and determination to secure a University at one of Italy’s top universities is a remarkable achievement and a reflection of his ability. We wish him all the best.”