Lord Coe praises Charnwood’s sporting prowess

Lord Sebastian Coe visited Charnwood College today to mark the achievements that have been made since the College joined the David Ross Education Trust (DRET) a year ago.


As part of the day, Lord Coe was invited to attend lessons, see the sporting talents of the students and see the impact that joining DRET has had on the students and College.


Lord Coe said of the day: “I go to many schools, and Charnwood has impressed me immensely.


“It is clear that a great deal has happened over the last 12 months at Charnwood, and a great deal more is planned for the future.


“I can say with some certainty that student behaviour was amongst the best I have seen, the sporting facilities are outstanding and it was great to see the partnership between sporting potential and academic aspiration working so closely with each other.


“I was particularly delighted to see so many talented young sports stars. It was heartening to see how passionate the school is about sport and supporting students to achieve the very best grades.”


Over the last year Charnwood College has seen significant investment in the facilities, students offered some unrivalled enrichment opportunities and exam results continue to strengthen.


Mark Sutton, Principal, said: “There is much to celebrate at Charnwood College, but this is just the start of what is a very exciting journey. We all have big ambitions for Charnwood and while today was an important milestone in recognising the progress that has been made, but equally exciting is where we progress from here."


“I firmly believe that Charnwood can become a centre of sporting excellence, underpinned by the highest of academic standards. It is clear that we have some very talented students, and we have a responsibility to help them achieve their very best in the classroom and on the sports field.”


Libby Ward, a Year 12 student, said: "I have had an absolutely fantastic couple of weeks. I was at the Team GB Kit Out last week, now I've had the privilege of having lunch with Lord Coe today, it has been really inspirational."


Joel Dungworth, a Year 10 student, added: "It was really nice to meet our guests and tell them about the once in a lifetime opportunities I've had access to this year thanks to DRET, including an ecological project in the Carribean and the DRET Summer Cup. There have been so many memorable experiences."